domingo, febrero 25, 2007

Varones y mujeres: diferentes en intelecto

A ver qué dice la policía de lo Políticamente Correcto sobre esto:

"All the research I've done points to a gender difference in general cognitive ability. There is a mean difference of about five IQ points. The further you go up the distribution the more and more skewed it becomes. There are twice as many men with an IQ of 120-plus as there are women, there are 30 times the number of men with an IQ of 170-plus as there are women [....]

The results of both studies were a shock to me. I find prejudice abhorrent. I've always taught sex differences from a left-wing point of view, that women are every bit as good as men. My findings don't fit my view of the world at all [....]

People should have equal opportunities but if you want a society where everyone feels satisfied you're not going to find men and women doing the same things in the same proportions. It would help if we recognised that."

Léalo aquí.


At 14:28, Blogger Francisco J. Ibero said...

Debe ser muy valiente o un poco inconsciente,porque le va a caer un chaparrón monumental.Primero llegarán los insultos:machista,ginófobo,etc.
Si hay suerte,hasta usarán algunos argumentos como:
1)Los tests no miden el IQ
2)no incluyen elementos propios de la inteligencia femenina
3)Siempre han sido desarrollados preferentemente por hombres


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