viernes, octubre 20, 2006

Chávez el imperialista

Carlos Alberto Montaner escribe algunas ideas sobre las ambiciones mesiánicas de Chávez.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will build 20 military bases in Bolivia, which will be situated on the borders with five other nations: Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Those installations will be under the control of Venezuelan and Cuban personnel, in complicity with Bolivian soldiers. Most certainly, the Cubans will carry Venezuelan passports and identification papers. It isn't easy to tell them apart. They're alike, even in their virtues and defects. The cost of the new Venezuelan armaments will rise to $30 billion. Venezuela has become the leading international buyer of arms and military equipment.

The plan reprises an old dream and early strategic concept created by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara: to turn Bolivia, a country in the heart of Latin America, into the subversive bastion of South America.
¿Con qué objeto?
He already is very much appreciated by the Bolivian masses and will be even more so in the future. Bolivia is the poorest country in the continent. Several hundreds of millions of dollars conveniently distributed (Chávez calculates) may achieve the miracle of attracting the enthusiastic adhesion of the neediest people and the complicity of the radical groups to the cause of a redemptive conquest of Latin America, a step on the road to 21st-century socialism.

No sense of boundaries

What we're witnessing is the consequence of a delirious vision of history and global political reality. Months ago, last December, that vision was explained in Caracas by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque, and the world was foolish enough not to pay any attention. Castro and Chávez, two absolutely messianic characters without any vestige of prudence or sense of boundaries, came to the conclusion that Marxism had revived after the debacle that ended the Soviet Union and its European satellites 15 years ago. From that conclusion, they derived the sacred mission that both assumed with the responsibility and fervor of crusaders: Caracas and Havana would bear on their shoulders the task of redeeming a humanity cowardly abandoned by Moscow.

That's the hair-raising picture before our eyes: Caracas-Havana, and now La Paz, are the new Moscow, mother and father of world socialism. The task they have as signed themselves begins with the revolutionary conquest of South America and the installation in all its nations of sympathetic governments that will collaborate in the final battle against "imperialism.''
Y aunque al oír de este tipo de conspiraciones uno está tentado a descartarla inmediatamente por ridícula, Montaner advierte del peligro de ignorar estas cosas
It would be a huge mistake to dismiss this blueprint to conquest just because it's the senseless madness of a couple of characters who didn't take Prozac when they should have. The Third Reich spawned by the Nazis was no less mad or absurd, yet it cost the world 40 million dead and the monstrous Holocaust. Cuba is an impoverished Third World island, hungry and hopeless, but that didn't deter its government from participating in successful coups d'etat in Madagascar and Yemen, or sending its troops to fight in bloody African wars, both in Angola and Ethiopia, for 15 years.


At 17:13, Blogger Francisco J. Ibero said...

Desde luego,el asunto no es broma.Mi esperanza es que Castro muera cuanto antes y que Chávez,sin la astucia de Castro,se meta en algún berenjenal que acabe con él.

At 17:37, Blogger Jaime Raúl Molina said...

Por ahí vi que incluso algunos árabes han entrado a EUA con documentos venezolanos.

Creo que ya al loco con petróleo se le está iendo la mano en chifladura.

At 09:11, Anonymous Anónimo said...

soy venezolano y me disculpo por la basura que tenemos de presidente.... el nos robo en el revocatorio del 2004 y bueno espero que en las elecciones del 3 de diciembre si podamos sacarlo...

At 11:08, Blogger Jaime Raúl Molina said...

No os preocupéis. Acá en Panamá no estamos libres de pecado, tuvimos nuestros dictadores también.

En el revocatorio de 2004 el fraude fue obvio para todo aquel que no se tapó los ojos y oídos (como lo hicieron Carter y César Gaviria).

Les deseo toda la suerte en las elecciones de diciembre, para ver si se liberan de ese chiflado que los está llevando a la ruina nacional.

Saludos desde Panamá,



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