martes, septiembre 12, 2006

Paul Belien analiza la bomba de tiempo que es la inmigración en Europa

En este artículo el editor de Brussels Journal apunta a la bomba de tiempo que constituye la inmigración a Europa, que se beneficia del Estado de Bienestar sin tener que pagar por sus costos. Cuando usted tiene un sistema en que los beneficios están disociados de los costos, tiene usted una receta para un perfecto desastre.

"The immigrant vote is becoming ever more important in Europe. In many countries foreigners are allowed to vote in local elections (in addition to thousands of immigrants who have been granted citizenship). In last spring’s municipal elections in the Netherlands the immigrant vote tipped the balance clearly in favour of the Left. Indeed, immigrants in Western Europe, who often migrated in order to enjoy generous welfare benefits, are rentseekers who vote in favour of maintaining the welfare systems of the states that invited them in.

Pim Fortuyn tilted Dutch politics to the Right, but I think this was only a temporary phenomenon, and would have been temporary even if Fortuyn had not been assassinated. Pieter Dorsman pointed out that, contrary to what the mainstream media write, Dutch politics has not turned Right, but I doubt whether the main causes are the divisions among the Right following Fortuyn’s assassination and the disastrous handling of the Hirsi Ali case. I suspect that European politics will swing dramatically to the Left in the coming decades, owing to the growing influence of an immigrant vote eager to retain and expand the welfare benefits.

Of course, the immigrants will not be able to remedy the economic flaws of the welfare state. Hence, there is no doubt that the welfare systems will collapse. Moreover, the immigrant electorate will thwart any attempts to gradually remedy Europe’s economic catastrophe through abandoning the self-defeating welfare politics. This makes it even more likely that the system will collapse in chaos, possibly even (as Fjordman fears) in violence when the rentseekers will use force instead of the vote to grab what they feel they are entitled to. Many indigenous Europeans are considering emigration. Partly because they no longer feel secure and at home in their own country, and partly because the welfare state claims most of their income, while they have little hope that this will change in the future."

Léalo entero en Brussels Journal.


At 21:15, Blogger MarcosKtulu said...

Jaím abjuraste de la otra discusión tambien?
Al-Jaím ;)

At 16:00, Blogger Francisco J. Ibero said...

Tres países de los que está emigrando una cantidad significativa de nacionales son Holanda,Francia y Alemania.En el primer caso por el problema con los musulmanes y en los otros dos por el excesivo estatismo,excesivo incluso para los estándares europeos.


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